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Disaster Restoration In Southwest Michigan

Storm & Other Disaster Restoration In Southwest Michigan

911 Restoration Disaster Southwest Michigan

Southwest Michigan enjoys sunny days and cloudy nights most days of the year, but storms in the area are notorious for being unpredictable. They can damage roofs, windows, walls, and more, primarily residential properties. When the storm season comes, you must have storm restoration companies in Southwest Michigan on speed dial to help you out in case of emergencies. 

911 Restoration of Southwest Michigan has numerous IICRC certified experts ready to help you with storm damage repair or any other type of natural disaster. Our storm restoration services aren’t just limited to repair but also extend to damage mitigation with the help of timely and study board-up services, where needed. Our experts are available to help you 24/7, even during storms!

Over the years, we have created specific natural disaster restoration and Fresh Start protocols that enable us to position ourselves around critical areas, allowing us to get to you even during storms and other natural disasters. Even during these times, we offer entirely free visual inspections and quotes. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and be a helping hand in the middle of your crises.

Storm Damage Repair In Southwest Michigan

Helping You Recover Even In Dire Circumstances

While Southwest Michigan storms aren’t tornadoes or hurricanes, the storms are still strong enough to cause significant damage to those caught unprepared. So much so that you may feel like there is no choice but to start over. We recommend that you give us a call and assess the damage. 

Our expert storm restoration experts in Southwest Michigan may be able to find you a more cost-effective solution and, thanks to our connections, may even help you cover the damage via your insurance company. We have helped many recovers from direr circumstances in the past!

Here’s How We Help You Recover From Natural Disasters

911 Restoration Mold Removal Southwest Michigan

Southwest Michigan has its fair share of natural disasters to deal with. There is no telling what you may have to deal with and when, from earthquakes to floods, wildfires, storms, and more. 911 Restoration offers a wide range of services to help you get back on your feet, whether a residential, commercial, or industrial restoration project. 

We start by first removing debris and performing a complete cleanup service. The salvageable things are separated, while those that need to be disposed of are listed and thrown with your permission. Our disaster respiration experts also contact your insurance provider on your behalf at this time, if needed, to file a claim and help the adjuster determine the damage.

We board up the damaged area in the interest of better chances of your insurance claim being accepted. The goal is to secure your property against further damage from intruders. Once that is complete, we will start working on the remodeling and rebuilding plans. Our priority is to repair what’s lost, and if that’s not possible, we focus on rebuilding. 

During the rebuilding phase, we also check your property against other types of damage. For example, during the storm damage restoration process, we may need to check for water damage and if there is a need for mold removal

What to Do After Disaster Damage To Property

Do not enter the property if your house got burned or suffered water damage because of a storm. Your building’s structural integrity may have been compromised because of the storm or fire, making it unstable and unsafe for occupants. Furthermore, there is also a risk of electrocution because of standing water from flooding.

Once your building has been declared safe by the fire marshal or other experts, start taking photos of the damage for insurance purposes. Include everything you want to claim and the potential source of further damage (that you can’t fix immediately). Leave disaster mitigation and restoration for the professionals. Contact 911 Restoration as soon as possible to assist you with this step. 

We will help you remove any debris while our trained staff helps remove any potential source of further damage. Furthermore, we will run some tests to determine what our next step needs to be and whether the repair is possible or not. 

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