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Sewer Backup & Cleaning In Southwest Michigan

Sewer Backup & Cleaning Service in Southwest Michigan

911 Restoration Sewer Backup Cleaning Southwest MichiganSewage backup spills or overflows in Southwest Michigan may be one of the worst experiences any property owner can deal with. There is no question that the water that overflows from your toilers or sewage lines is category three water and therefore may require biohazard cleaning services as well. To get rid of this nasty water from residential, commercial, or industrial places, you will need the help of expert blackwater cleanup services.

911 Restoration is here to help you with sewage backups in Southwest Michigan with our Fresh Start principle. Cleaning this water isn’t a simple matter of mopping it up. There may be several pathogens and fungi colonies in the water that may find your property a suitable place to set up camp, hence being a significant health risk for you and those around. Our experts are trained to deal with such situations and have all the necessary PPE to remove the contaminated water safely. 

After the water has been removed, your property still won’t be safe to enter. You will need to sanitize the place and remove any pathogens. 911 Restoration’s biohazard cleaning service can help you get rid of any sources of contamination and give you a clean, livable environment quickly. If you are experiencing a sewage backup in Southwest Michigan or have any other biohazard that you want to be cleaned up, call our experts today and set up a free consultation session!

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Understanding Sewer Backup In Southwest Michigan

IICRC has suggested that three major types of water damage can be classified into three distinct categories. Water damage that you may have to deal with after a sewage backup is a category two or three, both of which can pose severe health risks for you and those around – not to mention the damage it can cause to your structure in general.

Category 1 Water Damage

This type of water damage is from freshwater sources, such as leakage from your taps, rainwater, or other clean water sources. It isn’t as dangerous for you unless you leave the water standing for too long.

Category 2 Water Damage

Category 2 water damage is from “grey water” and can be dangerous for animals and children if consumed. This can be from overflowing toilets (no feces), washing machine discharge, and more. 

Category 3 Water Damage

This water is known as “black water” and maybe because of direct sewage backups. It is a biohazard and requires specific blackwater cleanup services for proper removal and safety. 

If category two water is left standing for an hour or more, it may turn into category three as bacteria, and other pathogens start spreading in the water. It is crucial that after blackwater cleanup service, you get your property adequately sanitized and thoroughly cleaned. 

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Dealing With Sewage Backups in Southwest Michigan

911 Restoration Sewer Backup Cleaning Southwest MichiganIf the damage is from category 2 or 3 water, you should focus on your own and your family’s safety first and leave the cleanup process to be trained and certified professionals. 911 Restoration can help you with the biohazard cleanup process and reduce (or eliminate) the financial impact by working closely with your insurance company. 

Over the years, we have created a strong bond with numerous insurance agencies across the US. Therefore, we can help you and insurance adjusters see each other’s positions correctly. This way, we can help you get better settlements against the damage. Furthermore, our professionals work with plumbing contractors to ensure that you won’t have to deal with a similar situation again. 

911 Restoration breaks its sewage backup and cleanup services into several steps 

Step 1: Emergency Sewage Backup & Cleanup 

This service is geared towards arriving immediately with the base equipment to stop the sewage backup and remove the contaminated water.

Step 2: Damage Assessment

Once the emergency has been dealt with, our experts determine why the sewage backup occurred in the first place and the damage that it caused. 

Step 3: Restoration Plan

After assessing the damage and communicating the same to you, we formulate several restoration plans and choose the one you want us to follow. 

Step  4: Insurance Adjustment

We communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf to provide the necessary documents and images of the damage, trying to get a better settlement for you. 

Step 5: Complete Restoration

We remove all sewage water and perform a complete biohazard removal service. Your house is dried thoroughly, and complete water damage restoration procedures are followed.

Step 6: Sanitization Services

All contaminants are removed, and your house is sanitized with industrial-strength sanitizers to ensure maximum effect. From fogging machines to sprays, nothing is off the table!

Your property is then deodorized and prepared for your use. 

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